That phone is the real MVP. Where on earth did she get that and how is it even alive after more than decades??? Not only is it durable but Lira sure is updated with the latest phone accessory trends. Her phone has a pop socket :. Ok, on to your question. Encantadia is not yet available in DVD so the only way to rewatch it is through streaming sites like Iflix.

[LOOK] The new ‘Encantadia’: Concept art, costumes unveiled

A more glamorous Lira is introduced this week. Mukha na talaga siyang sanggre sa kanyang warrior outfit! According to the production staff of Encantadia, Jennylyn was like a kid when she first tried on her new costume. Among the sanggres of this fantastical show, she was the only one who had to wear regular clothes, until now. Despite her nervousness with the fight sequences, Jennylyn pulled off the difficult moves. Even direk Mark Reyes commented that since Jen is a good dancer, her routine appeared more like part of a dance routine.

Samantala, para makaganti kay Raquim, uutusan ni Hagorn si Gurna na paslangin ang anak ng lalaki kay Mine-a. Magkakagulo sa Lireo nang.

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Marian, Dingdong unang nagpasabog sa Encantadia

Move, give way! Ginoong Anthony is on the way! This is to clarify that the photo used on the meme below is a raw material. The chair was on standby for the artists to use whenever they are waiting for their scenes or blocking. This photo was not part of the actual episode that aired on television last March 1, You may check it on Iflix to verify.

Encantadia is a Filipino fantasy franchise produced and published by GMA Network. It consists They cared for Brilyante ng Hangin (Gemstone of Air). and usurping the throne from Amihan through the help of King Hagorn of Hathoria.

It was considered and hailed as a series ahead of its time, with its carefully-woven storytelling to its well-written characters. GMA Network reigned in the primetime block and held the competition to their knees. After a year of petitions, rumors,and insider- chika , 24 Oras on Thursday, November 5th , finally dropped the bomb and let slip the comeback of the series this Before that, we resisted creating a hype for months kept mum instead, we are alumni of Maang-Maangan School of Acting, just so you know knowing all along that Encantadia is set to hit our TV sets again, on a later date of course.

And now, as announced by in the newscast, the management is eyeing for a remake. So the real question is… why remake a series that was trademarked by the actors and its original story? Encantadia belongs to Amihan, Pirena, Alena, and Danaya. To Ybarro or Ybrahim. To Lira, Mira, and Anthony. To Hagorn, Hitano, and Agane. These characters were portrayed by great actors who have given justice to the roles they played. They owned it, and it is right to say that they own it.

It was partly, their legacy. You will forever picture Amihan as portrayed by Iza Calzado.


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MANILA, Philippines – After the cast of the Encantadia reboot was announced Hagorn (John Arcilla) akin ang maging Part ng Encantadia At gampanan ang role ni Ybarro na dating ginampanan ni Dingdong Dantes.

This July, GMA Network proudly brings back the popular and well-loved fantasy television series that changed the landscape of primetime TV with the much awaited requel of Encantadia. This highly-acclaimed saga won the hearts of Filipinos 11 years ago, and with the retelling of the series, the Kapuso Network is all set to bring superior and world-class entertainment to its loyal Kapuso fans. Holding strong values of forgiveness, acceptance, and responsibility, the requel will tell the story of sisterhood, family, and a great forbidden love that bridges two different worlds—that of humans and the magical world of Encantadia.

Encantadia is divided into four kingdoms — Adamya, Sapiro, Lireo, and Hathoria, with each kingdom holding one of the four precious elemental stones that are integral to maintaining peace and order in the land. In the series, Kylie Padilla is Amihan, the keeper of the gem of air. She is known for being mature and nurturing as she protects her loved ones no matter what. Raised by her father in the land of mortals, Amihan learned to be an independent thinker–a characteristic envied by her sisters.

Gabbi Garcia breathes life into the character of Alena, the third among the four, who keeps the water gem. Romantic and carefree, she lives to love and to find that one person who will complete her. She finds that love in Ybarro Ruru Madrid , a charismatic Barbaro whose past is as much a mystery to him, as it is to her. Meanwhile, the fearless and headstrong Danaya, portrayed by Sanya Lopez, is the youngest among the four.

She keeps the earth jewel and has an unwavering sense of justice.


Sa pilot episode pa lang ay puro malalaking eksena na ang ipinakita sa serye. Ngayong gabi naman, sa pagsilang ni Mine-a Marian Rivera sa kanyang pangalawang anak, sabay ring mapapaslang ni Raquim Dingdong Dantes ang hari ng Hathoria si Arvak played by Roi Vinzon —at magsisimula na ang pagkakatotoo ng hula ni Cassiopea. Para wala na muling matukso sa kapangyarihan ng mga brilyante, dadalhin ni Raquim ang mga ito patungong Lireo kung saan magiging ligtas ang mga ito.

Ngunit hindi nila alam na may kakampi na ang mga Hathor sa mga dama ng Lireo—at nag-uulat ito diretso sa bagong hari ng Hathoria.

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Hagorn was the last king of Hathoria before it came to destruction during the last Great War. He is also the mastermind behind the campaign of conquest launched by his kingdom during the reign of Reyna Amihan. He is also the father of Pirena from Mine-a. Hagorn was once a kind Encantado who is capable of loving wholeheartedly as shown when he met Mine-a.

That Encantado happened to be his best friend Raquim.

Meanwhile in Hathoria, Hagorn was angry at Agane’s failure to bring at gusto niya siya yung next in line sa trono ni hagorn instead of mira).

The confrontation ended in a nasty brawl when Lila Sari took off her mask in an attempt to turn them to stones, but Amihan, Alena and a group of Lirean guards led by Aquil were protected by the air gem. In the middle of the battle, Lila Sari flinched in pain, a strange flower mark appeared on her palm, Amihan realized that Lila Sari was actually pregnant and was about to give birth.

Amihan let go of Lila Sari and ordered Alena and the rest to leave the camp, but Alena refused to leave without her gem. Amihan insisted that it is against their principle to fight someone in that state and stood firm on her decision to let their enemies be so Lila Sari could give birth to her child. Alena was frustrated at the fact that Amihan refused to help her and was even more disappointed that her sister broke her promise. Amihan told Alena the same thing, that it is not right and fair to fight Lila Sari in that state, refusing to listen to her explanation, Alena left and vowed to never rely on Amihan again.

Realizing that the power she asked from Ether was actually a curse, Pirena went back to Etheria and confronted the goddess, Ether reminded her of their deal that she will never go against her or her father who is a loyal follower of Ether or else her life will be put to an end. Pirena asked the goddess to take back the power she granted but unfortunately, once a curse is bestowed it can never be taken back. A gloomy and regretful Pirena went back to the camp and was pained at the fact that she will never be able to touch or hug her daughter again, whether she has the power or not, Pirena was also saddened that Mira does not want to be with her ever again.

Lira and Mira went back to Lireo where they were welcomed by Danaya and Imaw. Mira asked Danaya why the Hathors were after her and why she was told to come back to Lireo so suddenly. Danaya explained that Amihan intended to make Mira her heiress to the Lirean throne which puzzled Mira because the crown and the power of Lireo is meant for Lira who is the real daughter of Amihan. Regardless, Lira was still glad and was willing to accept the fact that it was Mira who will be taking over her place as the crown princess—the title which actually belong to Lira.


Sa time na to prang nag hahati ung ugali ni hagorn sa pagiging masama at mabait tas nagiging ama na siya December love affair na si Casdiopea.. Sa season 2 sana time naman ni Alena na ipakita yung capability nya sa pagiging magaling na reyna, medyo bitin eh. Kawawang hagorn di alm kong paano pipigilan Yong dalawa nyang anak galit na galit dahil ping tulungan.

Encantadia Full Episode The queen of Lireo, Minea, had to choose among her daughters, Sang’gre Amihan, Sang’gre Pirena, Sang’gre Danaya, and Sang’gre Alena, to be her successor and each will keep one of the powerful gemstones of water, earth, fire, and air that maintain the balance in the world of Encantadia.

Game On! ENCANTADIA Vs. ANG PROBINSYANO Battle Begins Tonight. Completing the stellar cast are John Arcilla as Hagorn, Rocco Nacino as Aquil, comeback makes it one of the grandest television series to date. the script to the set hanggang sa graphics, lahat [to the graphics, and everything.

It consists of four television series that have run from to present and a single film. The second series title Etheria premiered in the same year and ended in with 50 episodes. Due to its significant success, the third series title Encantadia: Pag-ibig Hanggang Wakas premiered in consisting of 48 episodes. In , 11 years after the original run, a reboot of the series premiered on the same network featuring new casts.

Encantadia is a vast and enchanted realm. It comprises four major kingdoms: Lireo, Sapiro, Hathoria, and Adamya. At the beginning, Encantadia was at peace, there was only one gemstone, the Mother Gem, given by their deity, Emre. It ensured the balance of nature in Encantadia.

Halik characters

Halifax Montessori Childcare. Nothing much is known about him. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He hails from California, USA.

Encantadia Updates coming Some posts aren’t mine Will be back when season 2 already In fairness, lakas ng dating nilang dalawa ha. ctto enca saga Oftentimes we heard Hagorn insulted Imaw, mocking that Adamyans are weak.

Hara Minea of Lireo [1] was the fourth queen mother “Ynang Reyna” of the Kingdom of Lireo , and the mother of the four Sang’gres destined to be the keepers of the four elemental gems of the world of Encantadia. Minea’s formal clothes is colored gold with maroon lining. She wears her crown only on important occasions. Her sleeping cloth is gold with light blue lining. Minea has donned a dark armor upon being brainwashed by Bathalumang Ether.

Minea is a dutiful and disciplined person, a trait required in the Queens of Lireo, who were forbidden to marry. Though she loved the Sapiryan prince Raquim, she did not accompany him to the human world as she was bound to her duties as queen.


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